The stock tank pool KIT: four ESSENTIAL items to keep your stock tank pool clean, clear, and BLUE all summer

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a stock tank, you’ll need a few things to keep your pool clean and clear. For about $100, you can buy these four essential items for your stock tank pool.

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Clear and Blue-2.png

1) Floating chlorine dispenser (plus 1” tablets)

Chlorine tablets are the key to keeping unwanted algae, scum, and bugs from crashing your stock tank pool party. Commonly used for hot tubs, this floating dispenser is very inexpensive and holds 1'“ chlorinating tablets. Conveniently, it has an adjustable louver to control the amount of chlorine (I recommend keeping them mostly closed). For an 8’ stock tank, I recommend using 2 tablets each week during the height of summer (any more and you’ll risk compromising the galvanized zinc coating). If you have test strips, try to aim for the low end of the “free chlorine” range. Chlorine evaporates faster as the water gets warmer, so be sure to restock once a week. As it cools off, you can replenish the tablets once every two weeks.


2) Intex filter pump (plus foam filter)

While Intex’s pump filter combo was designed for above-ground pools, it works perfect for stock tank pools too! You can either install the filter by drilling holes through the side of your tank, or by simply draping the hoses over the side. Either way, at 1500 gallons per hour, this pump can clean the water of your stock tank pool very quickly. It also comes with a built-in GFCI safety plug for extra security. This pump filter is the go-to filter for almost every stock tank pool owner. Be sure to stock up the blue foam filters exclusively in the Stock Tank Pool store ! To learn more, check out the installation video below!


3) Skimming net

Using a skimmer net dramatically extends the life of your pump’s filter and strains out larger debris like leaves, twigs, and even bugs. A skimming net also allows you to get debris from the bottom of your pool which your pump normally won’t suck up. With just a few minutes of skimming each week, your stock tank pool can be much cleaner than with just a pump filter! As a bonus, this skimming net has a telescoping 8’ pole, so it’s perfect for up to an 8’ stock tank.


4) Floating duck thermometer :)

Because, why not? It never hurts to check the water temperate before you get in!

So there you have it, these are the four ESSENTIAL items to keep your stock tank pool clean, clear, and blue all summer! As a reminder, by purchasing through affiliate links on Amazon, you’re supporting Stock Tank Pools so we can continue bringing you inspiration and tips. Thank you!