Features Overview

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1. Location, Location, Location

As with real estate, location is the most important factor you should consider when deciding on a stock tank pool. This is especially true when deciding on the size and shape of your stock tank (we’ll get into that below). Consider the following factors:

  • Shading: if you live in a warm, southern climate you may want to find a location with shade to keep the water temperature down. Just be careful of deciduous trees, as the leaf and debris cleanup adds work to maintaining your pool. It’s not that hard, but worth considering. If you don’t have trees, you can always add shade with an umbrella or shade sail (link). If you live in northern climates, then find a location with maximum sun (think southern exposures). You might be surprised how cool they can get!

  • Access around the pool: it’s helpful to leave some room around the pool to get in and out and for cleaning and maintenance. Also, think about where you’ll want to put the pump filter. If you have a round pool, at a minimum it’s helpful to have 2’ of clearance all the way around. That means if you want an 8’ round tank, you’ll need 12’ of free, level space.

2. Select (and purchase) your tank

If you have a small, urban lot then a smaller tank may be suitable.

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