Turn your Stock Tank into a Hot Tub!

Using a simple turkey fryer and a copper heat exchanger from Amazon, you can turn your stock tank pool into a hot tub for just $170! Depending on your pool size and water temperature, allow 2-4 hours to heat to ~100 degrees. Fun fact: Coiled heat exchangers create a thermosiphon, automatically circulating hot water into the stock tank using convection!

DANGER! Turkey fryers can be extremely dangerous. Never let kids or pets anywhere near a turkey fryer and always use extreme caution when using them. By using this site, you hold harmless and release Stock Tank Pools from all liability.

Propane Burner Turkey Fryer

Works with common propane tanks

30 Qt (7.5 gal) Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot

Fill pot with water for heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger w/ Garden Hose Fittings (1/2" x 50')

Place in pot and run hoses to stock tank.

6' Leader Hose 2 Pack

Run hoses from heat exchanger to pool.