Turn your Stock Tank into a Hot Tub!

Using a simple propane outdoor water heater from Amazon, you can turn your stock tank pool into a hot tub for as little as $200 (for a small heater). Depending on your pool size and water temperature, allow 1-3 hours to heat to ~90 degrees. These propane water heaters are designed to be placed outside and use propane from a standard 20 pound tank, the same as your portable gas grill!

Note: you’ll need to mount the water heater to something sturdy like the side of a house or a fence. Be sure to follow water heater instructions carefully and avoid mounting anything above the exhaust pipe.

Step 1: Pick your heater size

There are three sizes of propane water heaters, varying in price from about $120 - $330.

Small Propane Heater 6L (Amazon): Great if you have a small stock tank (smaller than 8’). Or, if only need to add 20 degrees to an 8’ stock tank, it can do that in about 2 hours.

Medium Propane Heater 10L (Amazon): Perfect for large stock tanks. This heater can heat an 8’ tank from 50 F degrees to 100 F degrees in about 3.5 hours. Or if you only need to add 10-20 degrees (in the summer for example) it takes about an hour.

Large Propane Heater 16L (Amazon): This is the grand-daddy propane heater! It can heat a stock tank from 50 F degrees to 100 degrees in as little as 2 hours.

Step 2: Install the heater and pump.

Coming soon!

Large Outdoor Propane Water Heater (4.22 GPM)

Heat Output: 110,000 BTU/hr (heats an 8’ stock tank in 1 - 2 hours)

Bulkhead Fitting w/ Valve

Order TWO of these. These go through the stock tank.

Water Circulation Pump 330 GPM (5.5 GPM)

Circulates water from pool through water heater. Works with both water heaters.

7/8” Hole Saw w/ Arbor

Use these to drill the holes for the bulkhead fittings.

Small Outdoor Propane Water Heater (1.58 GPM)

Heat Output: 41,000 BTU/hr (heats a 6’ stock tank in 2 - 3 hours)

8' Stainless Hoses (2 Pack)

These hoses connect your tank to the heater and pump. You may need shorter or longer hoses, depending on distance.

Additional 1’ Hose

This short connector hose is needed between the pump and the inlet of the water heater.