Temporary Parts

With stock tank pools more popular than ever, a few key parts have been out of stock lately, namely the inlet stainer.

One solution is to simply drape the inlet hose over the side fo the tank until the strainer is back in stock. While it’s not pretty, it works (I did it all last summer). You may want to use a lightweight clamp like this to hold the hose in place: Link to Irwin Quick-GRIP Clamp (Amazon). Sidenote: these Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps are the JAM. I constantly use them for DIY projects.

Otherwise, see below for the alternate through-fitting that will get you by in a pinch!

The intex threaded air inlet connector comes with a rubber gasket and strainer nut.

The intex threaded air inlet connector comes with a rubber gasket and strainer nut.

  1. Inlet Threaded Air Connector through-fitting (Intex’s website) this comes with one rubber gasket and a strainer nut. Don’t forget the 2 3/4” hole saw!

    Note: the air jet valve is currently sold out, so you’ll need to seal the air jet valve hole with silicone caulk.

  2. (Optional, for looks) Inlet Jet Nozzle cover (Intex website)

DIY Stock Tank Pool Video by Hey Wanderer

Fellow Nashvillians and all around brilliant creatives over at Hey Wanderer recently published a great blog post and Youtube video about setting up their DIY stock tank pool. It's a solid in-depth read with some good tips on what to look out for when installing your own stock tank pool. They even get into the differences between pond pumps and pool pump filters. Our only other recommendation is to consider the Intex surface skimmer (plus pump filter) to help remove larger debris. 

Here's the link to their DIY stock tank pool blog post. Their video is below. Enjoy!

DIY Stock Tank Pool by Hey Wanderer

Welcome to the Stock Tank Pool Blog!

Summer is here and as temperatures rise, so does the need to cool off! Stock tanks pools are a great way to have your very own pool for a fraction of the cost of in-ground pools while looking more attractive than above-ground pools. If you've been thinking about getting a stock tank pool for your home, you've come to the right place to learn more! Stock tank pools have been covered a lot lately and there are some great articles and blog posts out there, including this article from Country Living:

Stock Tank Pools Are Going to Be All The Rage This Summer

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To get started, check our 3 step setup for stock tank pools. Or check out the kits: 8 foot stock tank pool, 6 foot stock tank pool, or the "mini" stock tank pool for just $99!

Happy Summer!


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